The first organized Church of God in Indiana was Old Union 9 miles northeast of Indianapolis. An attempt toward a semi-General Conference was made at Old Union in 1858. The Ohio State Conference was first organized in 1828. Their purpose - “That we should, when there are 3 or more believers in a place, organize ourselves under the name of Church of God, recognizing no other name for ourselves than Christians, and none other for the Church but the Church of God“.

The General Conference met August 29th, 1910 in Waterloo, Iowa where they adopted 16 articles of faith. In Indiana the churches had been cooperating in a more or less way. On September 10th, 1886, a state wide meeting was called at Argos and a fully organized Conference came into being.

The only church that belongs to the conference that still exists is North Salem. Later, Burr Oak, Hillisburg, Hedrick, Lafayette and South Bend (Hope Chapel and Morning Star) joined the conference. The following churches are now a part of the Indiana (Church of God) State Conference: Timberland Bible Church (South Bend); North Salem (Plymouth); Burr Oak Church of God (Burr Oak); Community Bible Fellowship(Culver); Maple Grove (Kokomo); Country Chapel (Michigantown); Hedrick Church of God (Hedrick); New Covenant (Indianapolis); and Knightstown Family Fellowship (Knightstown).

The Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith has its headquarters in McDonough, Georgia, and was formerly located in Oregon Illinois. The General Conference and the Atlanta Bible College are together with the College beginning in 1939.

The Hedrick congregation was formed on February 11th, 1854. Elected elders were David Evans, John Millhollin and James Smith. The deacons were Milford Pugh and Samuel B. Mathis. The members totaled 30 (just about what our attendance is now). This is believed to be the oldest church organization in Jordan Township.

Their purpose was to carry out the great commission of the Savior as recorded in Mt. 28; Mark 16 and Luke 24. Baptism was to be by immersion.

The church was erected at Pleasant View in Jordan township, one mile north and two miles east of Hedrick, in 1870 (some records show 1875). The church was called the Church of God, or Soul Sleepers, and the building was built on the southwest of Pleasant View Corner. The building was used part time by the Christian Church for Sunday School. This group later decided to build across the road on the northwest corner.

Pleasant View was at one time called Gas Corner. Across the corner from the church was a blacksmith shop where mail for people of the community was brought from West Lebanon whenever anyone would be coming that way. The men folks gathered at the shop to get mail and tell and hear the latest news, hence the name Gas Corner.

On April 22nd, 1922 a cyclone destroyed Hedrick and the two churches at Pleasant View. Neither one was rebuilt at the Corner. The Church of God built in Hedrick and the Christian Church built in Pence; which no longer exists. The Church of God building was built in 1949. In the interim the congregation held church in the Hedrick school for 27 years. During this time J.H. Anderson was pastor, although not living in the area. The congregation was not very active and Sunday School was kept alive through the efforts of Mary Flint, Etta Hurley and Mr. and Mrs Leslie Smith.

After the death of pastor Anderson the congregation was pastoreo by Brown, McCoy, James Watkins, Sidney Magaw and Warren Sorenson. During the pastorate of James Watkins on June 1948 lots were purchased in Hedrick for the new church. The old lot at Pleasant View was sold and the first sod was turned on June 1949. Warren Sorenson pastored at the time of completion. The church was dedicated on May 13, 1951. Warren Sorenson was the master of ceremonies and James Watkins gave the dedication message. Mrs Netti Evans (widow of Williamsport banker Cyrus Evans) was the treasure of the building fund and made the building possible by her financial support. At her suggestion, other members and friends of the church paid what they could and she supplied the balance.

By September 1951 the building was free from indebtedness. This same year Warren Sorenson resigned as pastor and was followed by Darrell Maddock , Curtis Simpson , James Watkins (for the 2nd time), Larry Townsend, James Graham, Wally Winner, Tim New, Ed Goit, Dennis Cheatwood, Earl Poland, Joseph Astolfi and now Pastor David Cheatwood.

A Social and Educational Building was built in 1962. The building was contracted by Leonard Ducker and members of the congregation wired, insulated and paneled the interior.

In 1974 and 1975, during the pastorate of Wally Winner, an addition of two classrooms, two restrooms (our “outhouse” could not accommodate the people for state conferences and youth retreats) and a pastor’s study.

In September 1979 a new garage was put on the lot for the parsonage, during the pastorate of Tim New. In 1986 a pastor study/library and storage room was added to the Social and Educational building during the pastorate of Ed Goit. In 2004 the parsonage was sold to Earl Poland.

Baptisms for the church were held in the Jordan Creek southwest of West Lebanon, regardless of the weather (at a baptism in the winter, ice had to be cut for the pastor and the one being baptized). Later the congregation used the baptistery of the Christian churches of Williamsport and West Lebanon,, and the Brown’s swimming pool across the street from the church. In the 80’s a baptistery was installed in the church.

The Hedrick Church of God has been most generous in giving to missionaries, the needy, the community (with monetary donations and time to such projects as Habitat for Humanity), and student attending the Church of God Bible College. My son. Steve, and daughter, Marilyn were able to attend the Bible College through the generosity of the Hedrick Church of God. Hedrick established a scholarship fund for the Bible College 1983.

Presented at the 150th Anniversery of the church by Elder Frank Taylor in 2004 (a few updates have been added)

Photo of our 150th anniversary celebration held 2004