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Church of God General Conference Welcome to the Church of God General Conference. We hope you'll find the resources here valuable whether you're looking for upcoming events & registration info, recent Board decisions, names of people serving on Boards and Committees, or just looking to find a church.

Atlanta Bible College Let's Live A Kingdom Life Together

Abrahamic Faith Education Materials site under construction

Lords Harvest International We are Lord's Harvest International: a global missions organization dedicated to encouraging, strengthening and supporting churches, children & families for the Kingdom of God.

Turning Point Youth Ministry TPYM creates events where students are encouraged & equipped to pursue their faith in an authentic way.

Atlanta Bible College Korean Extension: Our Atlanta Bible College provides an opportunity for fellow believers from South Korea to earn a Christian Education through our Bible college.

Other sites to explore for additional Church of God Ministries or other sources.

The Worldwide Scattered Brethren Network Connecting Scattered Brethren throughout the United States and around the world. (Pastor Robin Todd)

Restoration Fellowship is dedicated to recovering the beliefs of the first-century disciples of Jesus, the Messiah. (Sir Anthony Buzzard)

Restitutio provides resources to get you thinking about biblical and historical Christianity, to inspire you to follow Christ. (Sean Finnegan)

Kingdom Uprising is a movement aimed at toppling the myth that people go to heaven or hell when they die and replacing it with the biblical idea of God’s coming kingdom on earth. (Sean Finnegan (Latham, NY), Victor Gluckin (Warwick, RI), Jack Kmiecik (Omaha, NE), Bethany Reise (McDonough, GA), Dustin Smith (McDonough, GA))

Love Your Enemies This site is designed to investigate the historic, Christian practice of loving one’s enemies.

Christian Monotheism exists in order to promote the fearless pursuit of truth concerning God and Jesus from a biblical and historical perspective.

21st Century Reformation Honoring God Our Father As The Only True God And Jesus As Messiah And Lord. (J. Dan Gill)

Trinities Subject: Theories about God, Jesus, and the Trinity. Purposes: 1)To survey, explain, and evaluate theories relating to the above, past and present. 2) To foster discussion and critical thinking about these topics among the general public, as well as philosophers, theologians, and apologists. (Dr. Dale Tuggy)

Kingdom of God Ministry & Missions Discover the Gospel of the Kingdom of God that Jesus preached, and the One True God that He worshiped. Study the Bible and find like-minded brethren. (Tracy Zhykhovich)