Sermons & Articles

Sermons - Here you will find audio recordings of the weekly sermons. When you click on the link above you will find folders with each month's sermons. You only need to click on the message title to listen. Hope you enjoy!

Something to Think About is a newspaper article written by Pastor David Cheatwood. His "Something to Think About" article appears in our local paper called the Review Republican of Warren County, Indiana. Many of our county residents enjoy reading "Something to Think About" weekly. If you are a regular reader of the article and you missed the latest issue feel free to download a copy of it from this web page.

DISCLAIMER: These articles are intended to provide information on biblical principals. When accessing the "Something to Think About" articles you agree to distribute them free of charge and without any changes made to the content as presented. When distributing these articles make sure they are label with our name "Hedrick Church of God of Abrahamic Faith; Pastor David Cheatwood;" in the header or footer of each page. You also agree not to hold Hedrick Church of God of Abrahamic Faith, Pastor David Cheatwood or our affiliates responsible for any legal actions or misrepresentations.

Midweek Thought - These are some thoughts and encouraging words from Pastor David Cheatwood that he sends out to the congregation every week. Each article is listed in the month it was sent out along with the title of the article.